Women's Day

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Which of these refer to men and which to women?

Are afraid to walk the streets at night
Are killed by a current or former partner
Are less likely to be judged for promiscuous behaviour
Are often deprived of a basic education
Are responsible for two-thirds of the work done worldwide
Do not lose their jobs due to pregnancy
Earn more money than women
Earn only 10% of the total income
Families prioritize their education
Have a better chance of becoming company directors
Have a better chance of entering political office
Have fewer chances of falling victim to sexual assault
Have a lower sense of self-worth Have no risk to their career if they become a parent accidentally
Have no risk to their career if they chose to become a parent
One in four is the victim of domestic violence
Own 1% of the property
Risk being assaulted on their way to school

Listen to What does Daniel Craig has to say

Which two aspects does he not mention?