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Part 1 of the Listening Exam

Part 2 of the Listening Exam

Task type: Sentence completion

Number of items: 10

What you do? - Listen to a monologue and complete gaps in sentences with information from the text

What it tests - Your understanding of detail, specific information, stated an opinion


  • Before you listen, you have 45 seconds to read the 10 sentences.
  • If you miss the answer, don't worry. Move on to the next sentence.
  • When you listen again, concentrate on the answers that you missed in the first time.
  • Don't leave answers blank - make a guess
  • Do not rephrase

Part 3 of the Listening Exam

Part 4 of the Listening Exam

Task Type - Multiple Choice

Number of items - 7

What you do - Listening to a text involving two interacting speakers and choose the best answer from three-option multiple-choice items.

What it tests - Your understanding of opinion, attitude, gist (general idea), main idea, specific information.


  • You will have one minute to look at the questions
  • Read as much as you can in that time
  • As you listen for the first time, mark the options that you think are correct
  • Use the second listening to check your answers