Keti Koti

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Introduction My name is Azra and I’m going to tell you about an important day I celebrate with my family every year. But first, I have to give some background information about people of different kinds of cultures who live in Amsterdam. We have a lot of cultures in Amsterdam: Moroccan, Turkish, Surinamese etc. So sometimes we celebrate different things. The purpose of this report is to inform people about a feast I celebrate with my family every year, why we celebrate it, what this feast contents, how we and other people celebrate it an what people wear.

Why we celebrate Keti Koti On the first of July the Surinamese people celebrate Keti Koti, also known as ‘the day of freedom’. It’s a commemoration of the abolition of slavery in Suriname, in 1863. On July 1st 1863, The Netherlands abolished slavery in Suriname. That day has since then been celebrated as a feast day. For me, Keti Koti is an important day to celebrate, because of the history behind it. That’s why people from other cultures will find this interesting.

How people celebrate Keti Koti Keti Koti is an exuberantly feast / festival with lots of music that goes on until the wee hours. Keti Koti has been organized since 2002 in major cities, and from 2009 also in the northern Netherlands. But you can also celebrate it with your family and friends or at church.

What women often wear on Keti Koti On this Remembrance Day women often wear a Kotomisi, it’s a traditional Surinamese garment. These are white dresses. The colour "white" is in Suriname, the official colour of mourning.

I think this day is very important to celebrate and I hope we continue to celebrate it.