Instructions about Writing an Informal Email

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An Email

It is written in response to the situation outlined in the input information. Candidates can expect to write to, for example, a college principal (formal register), an English speaking friend (informal register) or a colleague.

You should

  • Never use the abbreviated language used in text messages
  • suit your language to the situation and target reader

Here you have some nice tips about [writing] and an informal email.

Example of a possible informal email:

Email to your host family

You have recently come from England, where you studied English and lived with a nice elderly couple. Write a letter to them in which you:

  • tell them about the trip home
  • thank them for hosting you
  • describe how your family welcomed you and
  • say what it feels like to be home (friends, food, own room)

Write your letter in the space below using no more than 150-200 words